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DIY A WOOD BLOCK HEADBOARD – Well, rigorously wriggling as I slipped on the steps last week, fell down, went boom on my butt and have the world’s biggest most rainbow-y bruise on that. Yeowch, no fun. But! (ha hour angle, no pun intended) On a positive note, despite flailing sort of a maniac, I managed to not spill a lick of paint out of the instrumentality in my hand at that moment! Priorities, my friend.


DIY A Wood Block Headboard

Right, however you are here to seek out out regarding our stylish wood engraving panel and the way you’ll create one too, not examine my rainbow rump.

So, wherever did my inspiration come back from? This here image I fastened on the ol’ Pinterests eons agone. (And this newer one, and this recent one helped.) I’ve seen the blocks as floors and drooled everywhere myself then too. The thought crossed my mind to try to to the squares for the stowage floor however, I did not need to repeat myself. it had been one amongst the primary things electro-acoustic transducer and that i talked regarding and given, the full panel style. Ahem, over a year and a 0.5 agone. Cough. Anywhoo……

Thankfully I hadn’t engineered it tho’ as electro-acoustic transducer determined European required a king sized bed simply before Christmas last year. therefore the stall, nooo, waiting panned out.

Here’s my offer list, in no explicit order:
1 sheet 3/8″ laminate, move size at the shop, $15
2 4″x4″ wood posts, 8′ long every, $8.77 per
2 tubes Liquid Nails*, $4
Watco Danish Oil, Black Walnut*, $13
1 will oil primarily based Varathane spray polymer, satin*, $6
Lots o’ eighty grit sandpaper, $10
Varathane wood conditioner*, $10
Chip brushes, $2.75
Clean rags
What was the total cost, sans tax, then? About $78.29.

That’s right. Less than eighty bucks for a custom headboard. Cha-ching! Nice.

DIY A Wood Block Headboard

Now, there are a million different designy ways to do this, depending on your desired results. What I wanted? Blocks of various depths, randomly placed but in line, darker and cooler in tone with minimal sheen.

Start by doing your math first. Figure out what size you want your headboard to be. I did this by taking a tape measure and measuring up the wall while visualizing it in me beady head. You could use paper or cardboard to mock up a size if you’re more of a need-to-see-it person.

Once you know the size you want, decide your blocks. I went with three sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″ in thickness. When you’ve got that all figured, calculate the number of blocks you need, then tally up the length of post required based on all that.

Despite my valiant attempts at math, I still got nearly everything wrong. I used to be pretty ok at math stuff too. Sniffle. Alas.

First, the guy cut the wrong size for the plywood backing (I asked for 32×84; I ended up with 30×84). Then, despite knowing this, Lumber 101 duh, I momentarily forgot that the 4×4 is actually 3.5×3.5. I guess that’s why there was that ridiculous lawsuit about truth in labeling or whatever it was — nominal versus actual dimensions. Eye roll. Anyway, I had to trim the plywood to 28″ then a smidge off the length despite what my calculator said. It was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Heh.

Ok, after the trim to 28″, I stained the posts in toto trying to be smart so as to save myself from a super messy hassle and the enormous space taker-upper way of staining and wiping each individual cut block’s sides.

At first I tried this stain as it has polyurethane in it already, hoping to combine a step.

DIY A Wood Block Headboard

Buuut, didn’t like the color, didn’t like the dull flatness, just didn’t like it. Bleech. So I sanded it off then splurged, got the Watco oil not having used it before but thought it would give me a more hand rubbed look and I liked this color best.

DIY A Wood Block Headboard

DIY A Wood Block Headboard

Only problem with the Danish Oil is that it’s a massive dust collecting vortex so any little touch with dusty dirty gloves or floaties in the air….yeah, slurrrrrp.

I managed all right though, in case you were worried there for a moment.

So choppy choppy time with my uber super duper spiffy miter saw* that I’m swoony in love with. (Anybody need anything cut?) Holy mess but it was fun.

168 blocks, 56 of each size. Still! Did not calculate right on my darn calculator for some whack-a-do reason. I needed 24 more blocks. So, oy, right, 64 of each size then.

DIY A Wood Block Headboard

My saw has a laser line so I measured for length then planted on a painter’s tape guide to follow and off I went. Choppity chop!

DIY A Wood Block Headboard

I take a look at ran some blocks on the laminate, detected gaps and thought huh, yeah, seeing clean ply tucked in there’ll create American state insane. Stain the laminate. I did the face and edges, and somewhat on the rear aspect. The back? yea, I wasn’t attack my hanging methodology therefore simply just in case the ultimate alternative resulted within the panel leaning off the wall, I needed to create certain no clean ply was visible.

All righty. With the blocks cut, i attempted the stain and…

DIY A Wood Block Headboard


…oh, I uh, rats, yeah, that is not what i used to be going for. Hm, ok, think. assume assume assume. Oh boy. Ssssaaanndpaaaper? Aw pricey. Ok, yup. Sigh. and that i researched wood conditioner too; finish grain takes stain otherwise, perhaps this gunk would be excellent.

And it was. putrid and fumey however perfecto.

After hours and hours and hours and I-am-not-looking-forward-to-our-next-electric-bill hours later, like no joke, five hours, every block was sanded via palm power tool. Break time!

Next day I flooded every face with the smelly conditioner, waited a 0.5 hour then began the staining.

DIY A Wood Block Headboard

Again, as a result of it’s finish grain, wiping created no distinction therefore I let the stain soak in and dry. I didn’t flood the surface as directed, rather brushed simply enough on as I did not need to drown the grain in an excessive amount of color. i used to be hoping for one coat however 2 days later coat one looked a wee chalky therefore coat 2 it had been.

Finally, assembly time! Finally!

DIY A Wood Block Headboard

A couple splops of Liquid Nails on the rear of every block, beginning at the highest corner and dealing down on the short edge, the blocks were occurring. I went column by column to manage straightness easier.

A quick mud off with a clean dry brush and it had been spray poly time. I opted for spray as a result of, well, 192 blocks folks.

DIY A Wood Block Headboard

Yesterday I noncommissioned my fiducial helper electro-acoustic transducer and that we decorated it on the wall. Woo hoo!

My original plan was to hold the full factor with these flush mount brackets. however the a lot of i assumed regarding it, i assumed American state, a lot of mathematics making an attempt to work wherever on the wall and wherever on the rear of the panel with these little things so it all lines up, slides on with ease, all level and stuff….no thanks, an excessive amount of mathematics. And with my account on this project I did not need associate degree angry assistant, understand what I mean?

My next plan was 2 of those brackets that afforded less mathematics however electro-acoustic transducer wasn’t sold on their talents. And honestly? we tend to each visualized the panel fully flush to the wall.

So, we tend to screwed it into the studs.

DIY A Wood Block Headboard

As you’ll see higher than, I left some blocks unglued and here’s wherever the varied block heights were an additional advantage. we tend to screwed in from the front and with some self-adhesive Velcro, I stuck the blocks on over the screws. this fashion the full system is removable while not wanting removable. Sweet, yah?

And there it is!



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